A sketch and update tumblr for FLASHOVER, a webcomic by MF+RS.



My and Smoogle’s webcomic, Flashover, has finally launched!

It’s a supernatural action/romance with a little bit of comedy. It has all sorts of great things like guns, monsters, guitars, and gays. Wow doesn’t that sound great??

We have the first three beautiful full colour pages up so far, so go read them RIGHT NOW.


That’s right, the comic is finally go!

This blog will continue to be updated with sketches and the like, and we’ll announce when new pages are up on here as well!

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    Don’t know about ya’ll, but I am pretty pumped for this comic. It’s gon be good. :Y
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    I like having talented friends, especially when they make SWEET WEBCOMICS. Check it.
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    Check out my lovely friends new webcomic!! Ahh the art looks so amazing
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    I like the pacing fo sho all that really matters is pacing also the art is good. it’s nabbed me. *Takes notes*
  8. midorieyes said: I’ll be following up on this~! 8D
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    YEEEEEE! it’s up! hopeuflly I can keep up with the updates. the game of life has been kicking my ass! anyone know any...
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    I’ve been waiting, too!!! Ever since coming across it on Y!Gal!!!
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    Go check out Flashover if you haven’t! Its gorgeousss, and I mean, really, with guns, monster, guitars, and gays, lets...